Friday, October 31, 2008


The day that in the words of Gabrielle "we get to go trick-or-treating and get lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of candy!" And that is exactly what she did. It actually turned out to be a non stop busy day with school, Dr's appointments, a potluck lunch at Jessica's house, and the very BIG, very EXCITING trick-or-treating. I think all in all, I prepared for it pretty good and everyone had a great time. Gabrielle went trick-or-treating with her Dad and her friend Katie, while Leila stayed home to help me pass out candy. This kept me from having to worry about anyone giving Leila some peanut M&Ms or something. She actually had a lot of fun doing it. She had on her ladybug costume and we sat ourselves on the porch in our yard chairs and waited for people to come. She loved to say what everyone's costume was. . . there were a lot of "cookie monsters," which is what she calls any kind of moster or something scary. And she was very generous with the candy too, giving out handfuls to everyone that came up. It was very cute to watch. And during the lulls, we would munch on candies ourselves. I think all in all, everyone had fun and Gabrielle never noticed that I took out all the blacklisted candy and replaced them appropriate substitutes ;-)

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