Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Cake At Last!

The girls' birthday cake is finally finished and I can say no more. I'm exhausted! Now I just need it to last the 10 hours until the birthday party. Okay, so a little bit more about the birthday cake. :-) Well I didn't have time to start decorating it until 8 at night, after the girls went to sleep. I gave myself until midnight to finish it, and I actually managed to finish at 11:30, so right on schedule. I was lucky that my mom was around to help me decorate. For those that want to know, the bottom of the cake is chocolate cake, and her dress is applesauce cake. The bottom of the cake is just covered and deorated in buttercream frosting. The flowers are buttercream frosting as well, and the pumpkins are made out of gumpaste. As for Cinderella, as I've said before, she's just a naked doll stuck into the cake which was made in a small Pampered Chef batter bowl as well as one 6 in round cake pan to give her a little more height. The cake was also covered in buttercream frosting before being covered in marshmallow fondant. Her entire outfit is made out of marshmallow fondant, and then I painted her with shimmer dust, which you can't really tell in the picture. It sounds like it was so easy to make when I describe it, so how come it took me soooo long to finish it?

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Brandy511 said...

uhhhhh no it DOES NOT sound easy!