Monday, October 27, 2008

Daddy Saves the Day

You know. . . I've often come to notice in my life, that things like to go wrong at the same time. There's actually been two things that I've noticed. . . one is that whatever is going to go wrong will go wrong when your husband is gone (you Navy wives know what I'm talking about), and the other is that once things start to go wrong, it's like a domino effect. Well that's what happened today. It started off simple enough, with only one thing wrong, Leila waking up wheezing so loudly and so fast that you could hear her from 5 feet away. Now Leila doesn't technically have asthma, and up until last month, she's had no respiratory problems at all. But just recently she's had these episodes where one day she's perfectly fine, and the next day she's wheezing like crazy and going into respiratory distress (that was another day.) So I made her a doctor's appointment in the morning because I knew by the sounds of it that she was going to need some steriods. Got her a 9:40 appt which was perfect. I could drop Gabrielle off at school and take Leila to the doctor. Well wouldn't you know it. . . when I went to the Leila to the doctor, the base was closed. No cars going in or out, which means no getting to the doctor. It stayed that way for over 20 minutes, and there we were the whole time sitting in the car, Leila wheezing and coughing, late for the dr's and no progress. So I finally decide to go home, and wouldn't you know it, as soon as I pull into my driveway, Robert calls to say that the gate is open again (this is the first time he saves the day). So we turn back around, and hurry back to the Dr's, but of course they were so backed up that we didn't even get seen until 10:45. By the time we were finished, it was time to pick up Gabrielle from school, and we still hadn't gotten Leila's meds. Lucky for us, Robert says that he's on his way to pick her up (second time he saves the day.) All the while, I've developed a huge migraine, and just looking around make me want to throw up. Eventually, Leila and I make it home (it was a looong, slow drive) with her prednisone. Robert asks me if he should stay home for the rest of the day, which I eagerly say "yes" to. At this point, I can barely open my eyes my head is hurting so bad. So he decides to stay home (third time he saves the day). Having only told Robert that Leila needs to take her medicine after lunch (medicine that she hates!), I go to bed. While I'm passed out upstairs, Robert manages to come up with Gabrielle's favorite for lunch. . . kim bop. It's never technically kim bop in our house because we tend to use whatever filler we have on hand that day such as leftover meat, along with the veggies. But Gabrielle loves it, and I was very suprised that Robert made it. He even took some pictures to show me.

You can't really tell in the pictures, but the roll is HUGE! I guess it probably would've helped if he had known where our rolling mat is. But for a guy and for his first time. . . I'm impressed! And the girls ate it. So that's the fourth time he saved the day. Which he promptly followed by number 5. . . getting Leila to take her medicine. Of course, I probably would've preferred NOT to know that he gave her a cocktail of 2 tsp. of medicine + 1 tsp. of grenadine. . . and then bribed her with chocolate. But hey whatever works! Which I guess it just goes that show that Dads may not always do it your way, but left to their own devices, they can make it work! . . . and save the day in the process! Thank goodness!

What a day!

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