Thursday, October 30, 2008

Because everyone does cookies. . .

I did something a little bit different for Halloween this year. . . chocolate covered marshmallows! For those that thinking that making marshmallows is absurd, they are both fun and very easy to make. And taste infinitely better than jet puffed. This was my second try at making marshmallows actually. My first attempt was over the summer when I made strawberry marshmallows with real strawberry puree. They were tasty, but the texture wasn't right as they just sorta melted in your mouth. This time I made orange flavored marshmallows, and I found the texture to be much more marshmallowy this time. So I like them a lot better. I colored them orange, and after they had set, I cut them out with a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter. Finally I dipped them in dark and milk chocolate. . . and they were yummy! Even Gabrielle who always says that she doesn't like marshmallows couldn't resist. And as for Leila, well she can't get enough. We're cutting her off! :-)

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