Thursday, October 2, 2008

Warning: Not About Food!

I've recently discovered that Gabrielle (turning 4 in 12 days) is a bit of a smart ass.  She's got a wise crack or smart response to everything that you say to her.  Now some may say that she's just precocious, but I would argue that isn't that pretty much the same thing?  Smart ass, that's what she is.  Now usually she doesn't bother me much because I've become used to her interjections and two cents worth. . . but sometimes she REALLY irks me.  Now to go along with this personality trait is the fact that she pretty much thinks that she know EVERYTHING, and doesn't take much to you trying to tell her something.  After all, she already knows that (a line I have heard on more than one occasion).
Well, this morning I dropped her off for school, and it turned out that her teacher Mrs. Robert (who rarely has much to say about Gabrielle in class) actually had something to say.  It turns out that Gabrielle and Mrs. Robert have been participating in an ongoing debate on the acceptable way to sit in the chair at school.  Mrs. Robert reported that Gabrielle likes to sit in their little chairs on her knees and then stick her feet through the hole in the back.  She's been telling Gabrielle not to sit in the sit like that because she'll tip the chair over and hurt herself.  Gabrielle proceeded to inform Mrs. Robert that it was okay because she wouldn't fall over.  Then Mrs. Robert reminded her that she's already tipped it over once before (first time I'd heard about this) and that she had hurt her stomach.  Well, then Gabrielle said "yes, but it didn't hurt that bad or last that long."  This girl has an answer for everything!  Wouldn't a simple "okay" suffice?  Not with Gabrielle though.  Mrs. Robert wondered if Gabrielle had said anything at home about it because I guess Mrs. Robert says they are being very "firm" on the issue.  Nope, Gabrielle's never said a word about it which probably means Mrs. Robert isn't being half as firm as Mommy is.  I guess it had never occurred to me that Gabrielle's personality at home was the same one that she has at school, and everywhere else for that matter.  Which means I kinda feel sorry for every teacher that she's going to come across because even though I am generally grateful for her precocious nature, I (more than anyone) know just how annoying it can be sometimes. 

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AB said...

Are we really just recently discovering this?? The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree..