Sunday, October 26, 2008

~Crystal Burgers~

Those of you who have been to the South may have heard of or been to a Krystal restaurant. They're pretty much an institution. . . that I happened to enjoy as a child. And for those of you who haven't, perhaps you've been to a White Castle. . . which is the Northern version of pretty much the exact same thing. Their specialties. . . tiny, square burgers of which a grown man could probably eat a dozen at a time. They're certainly not anything spectacular or gourmet, but if you've experienced them, they're just seems to be some inherent goodness about them. (And when you're a kid, it's like having a burger that's just your size.)

Tonight's menu item was hamburgers, but to put a new and perhaps more kid-friendly twist on things, I made a version of Krystal burgers. They were actually really good, and tasted suprisingly familiar. Who cares if I live 1000 miles away from the nearest Krystal? I'll just make my own. And to add a bit of irony/humor to the story, I looked Krystal up on Wikipedia (because I wiki pretty much everything) and it turns out that a country singer named Crystal Gayle chose that name because of her love for Krystal burgers. Well, ironically enough, my mom named me after Crystal Gayle. So go figure. . . I was born to make these burgers.

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Jessica said...

These look yummy!!