Friday, October 17, 2008


We're in Annapolis for the weekend for Robert's Class Reunion. I loved living in this city before, and I had hoped that would move here again, which has yet to happen as we have been in Connecticut for four years now. But I always love to come back and visit. Visiting here though has made me appreciate the relaxing and peaceful life that Groton has to offer. It's loud and crowded here, not like New York City, but still enough to be kind of annoying. There's cars everywhere, which is probably due to the fact that they're having a boat show going on, and it's Navy's Homecoming weekend. But still. . . too many cars and people for such narrow streets. I still love it here because it's beautiful, and there's so many places to eat and so many things to do. We actually got here this morning, and then we went to the Naval Academy in the afternoon to watch the parade. Gabrielle said that she loved going to the parade which is good because while it was going on, they both seemed a bit bored. And then we went to Three Brothers for dinner. Three Brothers has the BEST white pizza I've ever eaten. . . and I have eaten white pizzas at a lot of places. But every time we come here, I can't pass up the chance to eat some good white pizza. And it doesn't hurt that it's not a real big tourist spot. .. which means little crowd, and no waiting. Always a plus when you're out with two little kids.

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