Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mystic Pizza

Since Grandpa was here to visit today, this became the unofficial beginning of the girls' birthday celebrations. We went to pick apples this morning, which is always fun. . . and something Grandpa had never done before! We even rode in the tractor which we've actually never done before. Then they each got to pick two little pumpkins, so now we have a family of pumpkins outside of our door. Then off to the toy store where they each got to pick out a birthday gift from Grandpa! Woohoo! A battery-operated mixer for Gabrielle, and although Leila tried to get a $40 crib for her baby dolls, she had to suffice with a stroller instead. Who buys $40 cribs for baby dolls anyway? Call me cheap, but I thought that was absurd. Her baby can sleep in a stroller just as well. By the time we left the toy store, Gabrielle said that she was hungry and wanted to go eat at a restaurant that had pizza and was called Mystic Pizza. She cracks me up. Mystic Pizza is pretty much her favorite restaurant. We've taken pretty much every visiting relative there, and have gone on more than one occasion just to go eat. She always orders the same thing too. . . mozzeralla sticks and pepperoni pizza, which is never a problem with me because she always eats it!

Now Grandpa is gone but my mom is coming tomorrow. And I still need to make that gosh darn cake!

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Grandpa Barnett said...

I had the best time visiting with my handsome son, very beautiful daughter-in-law, and my two very sweet and lovely grand-daughters. They made me feel so very, very, very special; can't wait to visit again.