Friday, October 10, 2008

A Tomato A Day. . .

I know that I have already talked about the absurd amount of tomatoes I have sitting next to the window in my house. But I guess my kids can't read because until today, they haven't really seemed to notice them. Or maybe they saw them, but they just didn't care. Well today Leila had a moment to herself alone downstairs, while I was upstairs. And when I went downstairs, there she was standing in front of the table of tomatoes, noshing on one. I guess she had noticed that they were starting to ripen, and thought that they looked really good. She ate it like an apple, which I think is kinda bizarre -- especially cause she doesn't really eat apples. I guess you could say that she doesn't like them. But she sure does like tomatoes. She chowed down on that thing, and even had tomato juice dripping down her arms. Then I took it from her so that I could cut the top part off, and she says "No Mommy! Don't cut it!" That girl can really talk. She just wanted to eat her tomato like an apple. And since one tomato a day just isn't enough, I made a double batch of my "famous" tomato-basil soup, which is like a gallon of soup! But now, after giving some away, and eating some for dinner (which is always a hit because even Gabrielle detests tomatoes, she loves tomato soup because according to her "there's no tomatoes in them."), there's really only a little bit left. Robert's dad is in town to see the girls, and this was his first time ever having tomato soup! Isn't that unbelievable? But guess what? Even after all that soup making, I still have about 90 tomatoes left!

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