Monday, October 6, 2008

Personal Nudist Colony *or* My Home, the Zoo

I am sure that it is often said that in a househould with young children, there is NEVER a dull moment.  I tend to concur.  But I usually think of nap time in our house as downtime, which Mommy desperately needs in order to maintain her calm & cool composure for the rest of the day.  Leila usually goes to sleep during nap time because she needs the sleep, but Gabrielle usually plays in her bed.  As long as she's quiet, it doesn't bother me.  1:30-3:00 pm. . . every day. .. nap time! 
So today at 1:30, I did like I do everyday, and put the kids to bed.  Then I went to frantically rummaging through their toy boxes, taking out toys that they don't play with because next week, when their birthdays come, we will once again have too many toys.  At 3 o'clock I went to go get Gabrielle.  She's was awake, which is par for her, but her lovey, Sprinkles, was on the floor.  When I went to go pick it up, it was wet!  I say, "Why is Sprinkles wet Gabrielle?"  She says, "Oh, that's just slobber."  I say, "Oh."  She says, "Yeah, I was just giving him a bath."  What???? Our we monkeys, or mice, or cats or something?  She was giving her stuffed animal a spit bath.  Great.  I gently remind her that if Sprinkles needs a bath, I will put him in the washing machine, which is exactly where he ended up.
Now I usually let Leila sleep until she wakes up, so a little while later, Robert hears some noise coming from her room, so I go and get her.  Upon opening the door, and assessing the scene, all I could say was "ROBERT!"  Basically, Leila had been wearing a dress today, so I let her take a nap with just a dress on -- no tights or leggings.  Well I guess Leila didn't really feel like wearing her diaper either, because there she was on the bed, sitting on her pillow, with her diaper on the floor.  And believe me, the way she was sitting was making it very clear that she was totally bare bottom.  As soon as I opened the door, she started complaining about the fact that she had dropped her paci between the bed and the wall and couldn't reach it.  So that's all she kept talking about -- not at all about the fact that she had taken off her diaper and thrown it on the floor, or about how she had decided that her babies shouldn't wear clothes either and so had taken all the clothes off of every baby and stuffed animal that was wearing any, or even about the fact that she wears diapers for a reason and had peed in her bed.  Oh no, she just kept going on and on about her paci.  Now she has given us clues in the past that she is partial to walking around bare bottom -- like the time I went out with Jessica and the sitter called to tell me that Leila had taken off her diaper and had peed on the floor, and then refused to put the diaper back on.  But this is just taking it to the extreme!  I opened the door to her room, and BAM my own personal nudist colony of baby, dolls, and stuffed animals!  And since they all got peed on, they ended up in the washing machine with Gabrielle's Sprinkles.
Now to top it all off, my dog, Copper, randomly decided to pee on the floor upstairs as well. . . which just makes me wonder, am I running a home or a zoo here anyway?

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