Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pumpkin Bread

Yesterday, Robert casually implied that he wanted pumpkin bread. Easy enough, I had all the ingrediants on hand, so I woke up this morning and whipped some up. One of the birthday gifts that Gabrielle received was a little baking set with a mini muffin pan, cake pan, bundt pan, loaf pan, and pie tart. She was super excited about the being able to bake something in them, so I decided to let her use them to make her own pumpkin bread. In the end, she actually made little pumpkin muffins, which her and Leila ate for breakfast, in addition to a little cake, a little bundt cake, and little loaf. She was so proud of her little creations. And she was so excited because she was like "I'm four now! So I get to bake things!"
My pumpkin loaf on the other hand, turned out very tasty but I was a little disappointed because I didn't do a very good job making a ribbon out of the cream cheese mixture and it turned more into a chunk of cream cheese in the middle of the slice of bread. Look, it looks like it's smiling at you!
After we got ourselves together, we went to the mall where the girls took birthday pictures and went to the Build A Bear store where they had received birthday coupons. I had thought they were just going to get some clothes for the bears they already had, but they ended up getting new bears instead. Correction, Gabrielle got a monkey and Leila got a kitty. (Gabrielle always corrects you if you call them bears.)

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