Thursday, October 9, 2008

I should be sleeping. . .

But instead, I'm blogging. Why? I guess because I think I'll sleep better after I type what it is that I need to say. Not that I need to say much. Had a little get together at my house, which is basically just an excuse to cook, eat, chat (like us ladies do), and stay up late. :-) I didn't really go too overboard today. Just some spinach-artichoke dip, fried tortellinis, and a cafe caramel cake - which seems to be like an easy, Americanized version of tiramisu -- I guess. I feel like I should be blogging about the cake because I'm not gonna lie to you, that cake is GOOD! I got the recipe out of one of those Betty Crocker cookbooks that you end up buying while waiting in line to pay for your groceries because the front picture alone looks good enough to eat. And while there are a lot of other recipes in that book, I just keep coming back to this one. Maybe because it's just so darn good. Cake, coffee, dulce de leche, dark rum, whipped cream -- how can you go wrong?

But I've really been thinking lately just how much I love my deep fryer. Yeah, you read it right. I love my deep fryer. I'm bizarre, I know. The deep fryer first came to me by way of a gift. It was actually my mother-in-law's gift to us for our wedding anniversary last year. And while that does seem like a strange thing to give a couple to celebrate their wedding, I sure wasn't complaining. I'd been wanting one for quite a while. And let's be honest here, ever since I've started fryin up stuff, Robert hasn't been complaining either. Of course, I fry the normal stuff like chicken, french fries and onion rings, and I fry the fair foods like funnel cake and corndogs, and I fry the traditional southern favorites like okra and green tomatoes, and then I just start to wander off the map from there -- fried pickles, fried green beans, fried sweet potatoes, fried tortellinis. And now I'm starting to wander, can a person become addicted to frying? Am I gonna be one of those crazy ladies you see on T.V. ten years from now frying twinkies and chocolate chip cookies? They'll be calling me "The Fry Lady." Maybe I should start cutting down on the frying. After all, those tortellinis weren't really all that great. But they sure do look yummy, don't they?

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Robert said...

Fried Pickles is southern, honey..Love you!