Monday, November 17, 2008

Wasting away again. . .

in Margaritaville!!! A Margaritaville was recently added to the Mohegan Sun Casino near us, and Robert and I finally got the chance to go. Margaritaville is something of a tradition for us, we've been to the ones in New Orleans, Orlando, and Charleston. . . and we've collected salt shakers from each one. Anway, I had a blast!!! One could argue that I don't get out much, which is pretty much true. So I had a truly good time. The restaurant was sooo nice, with all its decorations.
They had men walking around on stilts making balloon hats for everyone! I had to flag the man down because I was not going to be happy unless I got a hat!!! And of course, Robert had to get one too. After all, we couldn't come home with just one balloon hat. His is a shark fin.I couldn't resist ordering up some conch fritters. Especially after the fiasco that I had with them (see Bad Cooking Day). I finally got my taste satiated. The first thing I said when they brought them out: "Mine weren't burnt after all!" This was how mine looked too, but I was sure they were burnt because that is awful dark. Anyway, Margaritaville's fritters were a whole lot tastier (and spicier) than mine were.And then it turned out that the pretty, whirly, tornado looking thing on the ceiling was for more than just decoration. It was their "nor'eastern." At the top of the hour, a big nor'eastern comes, making it light up green and smoke.But the best part is what comes out of the Nor'eastern cloud! Yep, it's raining tequila into a giant shaker glass! After all this is Margaritaville!
I had such a blast! We'll definately have to come again. Maybe next time, we'll bring the girls. . . I bet they'd love all the things that were going on. Hey! It's not like they KNOW what's in a margarita.

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AB said...

holy crap that nor'eastern thing is amazing! I think I want one of those of my room. I think the girls would love that place! looks soo cool, nothing like that here in London :/
You guys get all the good restaurants lol