Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Season has begun!

And tradition dictates that we put up the Christmas tree on the weekend after Thanksgiving. We have always used an artificial tree (and probably always will do to allergy issues), but I've been wanting to get a new tree lately. So this past weekend we have been going to store after store trying to find a tree that I love at a price that I can afford. This proved to be harder than expected, and by this afternoon I had resolved that I would not be getting a new tree this year. Perhaps after Christmas, I can get on on clearance for next year. . . yes, I am that cheap. During nap time, Robert decided to go and hang the lights up around the tree so he went to get them out of storage. Lo and behold, guess what he should find. A brand new Christmas tree in the box! Obviously, I've been wanting a new Christmas tree since last year and I really did go get one on Clearance after Christmas! It's a good thing I didn't go buy a new one this year!
After nap time, the girls and Robert started putting up the tree. They were really big helpers and surprisingly good at it! We didn't put ornaments on yet because we hadn't bought the ones for this year. We will decorate our tree tomorrow!

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