Monday, November 10, 2008

Music to my Ears!

The girls love music. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE music. It's probably our fault (me & Robert's) or rather mostly Robert's because that man can't take two steps without having some sort of music on. Our lives pretty much run to a soundtrack ALL the time. Personally, I don't mind one way or the other. I could live without the music, but it certainly doesn't bother me either even after hearing the Sesame Street CD for the 12th time in the row -- believe me I've done it before. The girls. . . well they're like Robert. They sit down at the table to eat breakfast (or lunch or dinner) and almost immediately say "music please." They need music to eat, to play, to ride in the car (I once had to listen to a song on repeat in the car 16 times in a row -- I counted.), and most definately to dance. . . which they also do a lot of. I guess music and dancing go hand and hand. Well these videos are for their Aunt Ashley who has just been begging me to put up a video. . . so enjoy!

1 comment:

AB said...

HAHAHA I love it!
Is Gabrielle doing the moonwalk in the 1st one? & niice layout!