Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Bun in the Oven!

Ha ha ha, I can only imagine the reactions to that title. I'm actually referring to bread though :-D. I think I'm quickly on my way to never buying a loaf of bread again. Truth be told, we've had the same half a loaf of bread in our fridge for at least two weeks now! The girls and I never eat sandwich or toast. . . so I guess a loaf of bread can go a long time. Well that batch of friendship bread that Jessica gave me never made it's way to my friends in the way of starters. . . mostly because everyone I know either has one, had one recently, or would rather prefer to the just get the final product. I on the other hand am having so much fun! I finally used one of the starters to make a traditional loaf of friendship bread. . . which really is so so so so good! If you ever get a starter, I think it's totally worth the 10 days! And I'm not the only one that feels that way. Each of the girls had three slices for breakfast! Then to spice things up a bit, I used another starter to make cranberry nut bread (sans nuts of course. . .which I guess just make it cranberry bread. But that doesn't sound as cool.) It made 4 cute little mini loaves, which are also being devoured, although I did give a couple away (specifically to those friends who said they'd prefer the finished product). It's amazing how differently they taste even though they are basically the same ingrediants. Hey, if anyone wants a starter, let me know! I've got more coming in 5 days. . . and look I've already given you 3 things you can make with it. I'm thinking home made cinnamon rolls next. . .after Thanksgiving though.

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Sabrina said...

I would love a starter! I've never had one before, let alone made anything from one so I would need a recipe too!