Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bad cooking day!

Every once in a while, I have one of those where deciding to cook is just a bad decision. This was one of those days. I started out by making pumpkin bread because. . . well, because everybody loves it and it makes tasty breakfasts and snacks! Well all went well until I took my loaf out of the oven thinking it was done. Then when I went to go flip it out of the loaf pan, I suddenly saw this goo on the counter. Apparently my loaf wasn't done yet and it was leaking uncooked batter. Yuck! So I stuck it back in the oven, and by the time I was convinced it was done, let's just say that it was a little brown around the bottom and edges. :-( The bread's still good though, but I pretty much have to trim every piece. At least it's cooked.

Then, I made conch fritters. It was more by necessity than choice though because the conch was just sitting in the fridge and really needed to be cooked. For those wondering where I got conch in the first place. . . why the Chinese grocery store of course! If you're ever feeling culinary adventurous you should visit the Chinese grocery store as you'll find some of the most interesting, unusualy, and dare I say gross things there. Anyway, so I made the fritters but they turned out to be a complete and utter failure. Burnt on the outside, not cooked on the inside, and all together gross. They even smelled kinda weird. Eeeeew! The whole batch ended up in the trash, which pretty much put me in a foul mood for the rest of the afternoon. Guess I should stay away from the Bahamian cuisine.

At least dinner turned out well though! I made ribs in the slow cooker. I kind of turned the slow cooker into a smoker though, by wrapping wood chips in parchment paper and putting them on the bottom of the slow cooker. Then I rested the ribs on top of them and they slowly cooked/smoked for four hours. They were moist, tender, and falling of the bones! Truly decadent. And even though I'm not much of a dry rib person myself, I ate my share without any sauce. The only mistake I made regarding the ribs was that I didn't make enough! Apparently the girls REALLY, REALLY like ribs. But then who doesn't right? Redemption at last, hopefully tomorrow the cooking fairies will sprinkle some fairy dust on me.

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