Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Turkishly Delightful!

Or rather just turkish delights. You know, those chewy candies made famous by the book and movie, "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." C'mon, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. . . it's what Edmund asks the White Witch to give him to eat when she picks him up in her sleigh. Then she made a bargain with him -- more turkish delights when he brings his siblings. Turkish delights are good. . . but not good enough to be a traitor for! Well I've had turkish delights on the brain. .. and I know of no place where I can buy it around here. Robert once brought me some back when he came back from deployment. He must know me and my love for chewy, gummy candies so well. For those wondering, turkish delights are the basis for the inside of jelly beans. Easy to eat. . . not so easy to make.

I found several different recipes for them. Most using the traditional combination of sugar and cornstarch. Others using gelatin. I decided to try both. Because I don't have any rosewater (the traditional flavor of turkish delights) I decided to make orange, lemon, and mint flavor. I made the orange ones using the recipe that used gelatin. And made the mint and lemon flavor with the traditional ingrediants. Well in the end the orange flavored ones ended up tasting like
candy orange slices. And as for the mint and lemon ones. . . excellent flavor, the girls thought they were yummy, but they never set properly. And they didn't ever get that chewy texture. Instead, Robert said it felt like he had just eaten a piece of flubber. . . he just said that cause it was green. Oh well. I guess the next time that I want some Turkish Delight, I will just tell myself to suck it up. But if I get a taste for orange slices. . . well then I'll whip up this recipes.

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