Monday, November 17, 2008

Minty Refreshment

I am sure that it has become apparent by now that I tend to be a rather spontaneous chef. I get a taste for something, or I see something that looks really good, and next thing you know (or I know) I'm making it. I especially tend to be like that when I'm in a good mood. It used to be that I would only bake when I was having a bad day. One time Robert came home to see me baking and said "Have a bad day?" "How'd you know?" I asked. His reply: "cause you're baking." Well nowadays I bake just because I want too. And usually I have to be in a good mood to do it. Anyway, today I had a taste for mints. I think I'm sorta catching the holiday spirit even though it's only November. Well I had a taste in mind, but in the end I couldn't decide what kind of mints I wanted -- so I made two different kinds. White chocolate mints with a bottom coating of crushed candy canes, and cream cheese mints that look like they got a little too much green coloring. I ended up liking them both, which is always a good thing. There's so much that I think everyone in the house needs to eat one after each meal. Maybe I'll even give Copper (our dog) a few. Goodness knows he needs em! I guess everyone will be having minty fresh breath!

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