Saturday, November 29, 2008


He he he, it's like IHOP, except it's Crystal's House of Pancakes. Sadly, we don't even have an IHOP around here. Everytime we go out for breakfast, Gabrielle always insists on ordering one of those gross, gigantic pancake faces. Sure they're cute, but they're rarely good. . . or eaten. I woke up this morning and knew that Robert would want pancakes for breakfast. It's one of his favorite weekend breakfasts. This morning, he requested chocolate chip pancakes, so I decided to spice things up a little. :-) See if you can guess who's pancake is who's? BTW, I didn't make one for myself. . . I really cannot stand to eat giant face pancakes. Amazingly enough though, Gabrielle ate almost all of hers. That was a REALLY big pancake!

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Jessica said...

Sooooo cute. My aunt used to make us Mickey Mouse pancakes with chocolate chip eyes when we'd spend the night. I always thought it was so cool to have chocolate with my pancakes. It's fun to make something special for the kids like giant face pancakes. You are a good mommy!