Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow, what snow?

Everybody had been making a big fuss lately about the BIG snow storm that we were supposed to be getting. But when I woke up on Friday morning and looked outside, it looked just the same as any other day – dreary and cold. The snow wasn’t supposed to start until noon, but it didn’t really look all that foreboding outside. So I got the girls up, got Gabrielle ready for school, and rushed them out the door. When we drove up to her school though, what did I see? Well, mostly nothing. No cars in the parking lot, no children running around. School had been canceled in the anticipation of the snow. Guess I could’ve let Gabrielle sleep after all. Oh well. Robert came home a little later because we had an appointment for Christmas pictures. He walked in the door and almost immediately said “I thought one of you was not going to be here right now.” Tell me about it! Well at least we were still able to go get our pictures done. But by the time we left the mall, the snow had really started coming down. And it just kept coming. . . and coming. We went out in the afternoon to go sledding and play around (but we forgot to take pictures). It was really like walking around in the middle of a blizzard. When lightning flashed and we heard thunder though, we knew it was time to go home. By the time it had finally stopped snowing (the next day) we were buried under at least a foot of snow. Robert still had to go to work because he had duty (poor guy) and we spent the day inside . . . except for the time when we went outside to build the snowman that I had promised. The snow was so deep that when the girls stood in it, it went up to their knees. Poor Gabrielle’s boot got stuck in the snow while she was walking, and her entire foot got covered in snow. So she had to go inside and I finished putting a face in the snowman and quickly went in as well. I was more than happy to go back inside the nice warm house. But at least now we have a little snowman staring into the house through the window. Sadly, this was the only picture I took of all that snow we got.

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