Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Resume: Experience with assembly

As soon as the girls went to bed, Robert began his yearly Christmas Eve job. . . assembling. Every year, I always seem to get the girls one big thing that requires serious assembling. And in order to keep kids from impatiently crawling all over the place on Christmas day, Robert assembles it the night before. Last year, it was a train table. . . where Robert cheated because the pieces for the chairs that go with it are still sitting in the closet. The year before it was a Radio Flyer tricycle. This year, a Rose Petal Cottage that Robert's dad bought for the girls. I was going to wrap it until I saw in the box that it said: Contents: 2 fabric Cottage covers, 38 poles, 30 connectors, 6 stove pieces. Hmm. . . sounds complicated. So I left it for him. And at 8:05 pm, he gathered together his tools, drink, and the box, and got to work. Amazingly enough, by 8:50 he was finished! And although I did hear him mutter "stupid, stupid, stupid" a couple of times, he actually said it was a lot easier than putting together the tricycle. . . which I believe because it definately took a lot less time!

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