Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!!!

During December, ‘c’ stands for two things – Christmas and cookies. Sadly, I am not much of a cookie maker, and so I don’t make them very often. My friend, Jean, invited me to a cookie exchange which I was excited about. But I was a little disheveled because I couldn’t think of any type of cookie to make. After watching a few taped episodes of the Food Network though (I’m sure I’ve already mentioned that we live by that channel), I was finally inspired. Peppermint pinwheels, chocolate peppermint pinwheels, and red velvet sandwich cookies! I was pretty proud of myself. I think I may have to make the pinwheels a new Christmas tradition. They were pretty easy to make, and turned out so cute and festive. And the kids really liked them.

And the batch made so many cookies that there was enough for the exchange, for my kids to just randomly eat, and for Gabrielle to take to school for her holiday party. Totally worth the effort!

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brian said...

yummy cookies!