Friday, December 26, 2008

Disney on Ice!!!

Yay! I love Disney on Ice shows! When I was younger, my dad used to take me and my sister EVERY year -- Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, seen them all! Those are still some of my best childhood memories and I've been waiting to finally share the experience with my own girls. This year, it finally seemed like the girls were old enough to sit through a show, and so I jumped on the opportunity to get tickets. We told the girls this morning that we were going to go see a show, but since they didn't know what kind of show it was or what to expect, they weren't too terribly excited. Once we started to get there, and I told Gabrielle we were going to see the princesses and she saw a bunch of other girls dressed up as princesses -- and she started getting a little bit more excited. Robert got them both Minnie Mouse ears. Leila wore hers for the rest of the day. From the moment the show started, Gabrielle and Leila were enthralled. They've never seen people ice skate before. Add to that all the familiar songs that they know, and they loved it. Neither one of them hardly moved the ENTIRE show! The only parts they didn't like where when Gustan killed the Beast, and when Geppeto and Pinocchio got swallowed by a whale (They haven't seen either movie). And by didn't like, I mean they started crying. Otherwise it was great! Even Robert (who has never been to a Disney on Ice show) thought that it was really good. And of course, I loved it too! My favorite part was the scene where they replicated the "It's a Small World" ride from Disneyland. As an adult, you can really appreciate so much more the costumes, skating, and hard work that goes into these shows. I hope that we'll be able to go to many more in the future.

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