Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Stuffed!

or rather it's stuffed, he he he. Stuffed french toast that is. As a break away from plain ole' french toast, this morning I made blueberry cream cheese stuffed french toast. Robert and I have made this in the past, but we used to use actually french bread. We would cut a slit in each piece and stuff it and cook like typical french toast. But the girls have never been too crazy about it, and we realized that it was probably because the french bread was too crunchy and hard. So now we have the new kid friendly version. It's also easier to make :-) Regular bread, spread with the blueberry cream cheese mixture, then covered with another slice of bread like a sandwich, and once again cooked like regular french toast. Leila ate a whole one by herself! This is definately a kid friendly breakfast (mommy & daddy friendly too cause it's rather tasty). Which reminds me of a version that we used to make before we found out Leila was allergic to peanuts. For those of you who like peanut butter, we used to make a peanut butter & jelly french toast. Regular bread spread with a creamy mixture of peanut butter and cream cheese, then battered and griddled like french toast and topped with strawberry syrup. Yummy!

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