Thursday, February 5, 2009

Black Rice Anyone?

By Monday, everyone was pretty much back to normal. Gabrielle stayed home because she was obviously sick and so we just hung out at home. I was up for experimenting with food again and so I pulled out the bag of Black Sticky Rice that I'd found at the Chinese grocery store. As you can see, the grains really are black and they sorta look like bird seed. And when you rinse them off even the water turns black. It's really kind of bizarre. I made them into this nice little yin-yang design with regular sticky rice. The girls were very amused by this. Anyway, I made the rice like a traditional Thai dessert, turning it into a type of rice pudding with coconut milk. Then I spooned warmed coconut milk on top, and sprinkled it with some shredded coconut. It was like a little rice pudding sundae. And it was yummy! The rice is really interesting. Sort of like brown rice, it doesn't cook down or get mushy. It keeps a sort of crunchy/chewy/nutty consistency. It's kind of hard to explain. Even stranger, when you cook it, it smells like popcorn! But I really like it. In fact, I could eat it all day! But then again I really like rice. And add coconut to that, and I LOVE it! I even ate some with some cut up mango, and then I was really thinking that I could eat this for every meal. Then I made another batch or rice pudding in a more traditional, western way. I mixed this one, half black sticky rice and half white sticky rice. When it cooked up, it ended up being purple. I made this one with a cinnamon stick, and then I sweetened/flavored it with a can of sweetened condensed milk! Yummy! I bet for traditionalists, this would go great with some raisins in it. But I'm not a fan of raisins and think it's great the way it is or also with the addition of some mangoes :-)


Jessica said...

crystal, you never cease to amaze me! This looks awesome... I love to make rice pudding, but make it the way my mom used to- a homemade vanilla pudding and then add rice at the end- yummy. Plus, we always sprinkled it with tons of cinnamon. I think yours looks really good. I have seen the black rice before, and after reading this would consider trying it. Love your pictures!

Maria and Rodney said...

I bought the same rice a while back and like you said it kind a hard rice. Needless to say after cooking it like the regular rice, I have to throw the left over away. I still have the rest of the rice though. Perhaps, I will try your recipe. Can you email the recipe please...It looks yummy!