Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Do It My Way

So for Superbowl Sunday, Robert had wanted me to make Monte Cristo Sandwiches. But that didn't happen because of the crazy day we had then. A week later, I was finally able to make the sandwich for him for lunch. For those of you that are not familiar, a Monte Cristo is basically a fried ham and turkey sandwich. For Robert, it's one of his beloved favorites that he used to order from Bennigan's down in Virginia. Unfortunately for him, Bennigan's has since filed for bankruptcy and closed all their restaurants, although they have been trying to reopen a few. Luckily for him, since we haven't lived near a Bennigan's since leaving home, I long ago learned how to make Monte Cristo sandwiches. I was a little suprised when I googled Monte Cristo sandwiches because there are so many variations and ways of making it. But none of the recipes that I found or pictures that I look at, save Bennigan's, make them like mine. But I still think my way (Bennigan's way) looks the yummiest :-P. I supposed I may be a little biased. The jist of it is 3 slices of bread with deli sliced turkey and ham and swiss cheese. Then cut in half, stuck with toothpicks, dipped in a basic batter of flour, water, etc. Then deep fried (because everything is better fried :-D) and then sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with a side of raspberry jam. It smelled and looked so good that I had to make one for myself. It was a HUGE meal in itself. . . though delicious. . . and I wasn't hungry for the rest of the day. YUM!

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