Thursday, January 15, 2009

And my Lack of Inspiration

It seems like since the new year has started, I have lost my inspiration for one of my great loves and the motivation behind this blog. . . cooking. I think that it has mostly to do with the fact that Robert has been gone. While I used to cook when I was stressed, my love for it has caused me to cook more often when I am happy. Not to say that I have been wallowing in my sorrows as of late (although I'm close to that point) but I just don't feel up to making anything fantastic, delicious, or totally peculiar. Being stuck in Arctic, frigid air with no hubby to warm the bed at night kind of whips the desire to cook right out of me. In fact, for a potluck at my friend, Sabrina's, house last week, I only brought brownies. Not to say they weren't pretty tasty, as they were cream cheese brownies and you can rarely go wrong with chocolate. But I definately think I could've done better. As several people have commented on my lack of blogs lately, I've been trying to be more inspired to make something. Sorry ladies. . . I think I need my muse to return home. Hopefully soon I will be posting more pictures of tasty food


Sabrina said...

No worries Crystal :) It's impossible to do it all, let alone when your spouse is away. I didn't think anything that you only made brownies :) Hehe, they were so good that the plate you left for Andrew and I was finished about 10 minutes after you left!

Mrs. Miles said...

Sorry to hear Robert is gone. How long will he be gone for? I'm sure you will get back the urge to make delicious treats for your girls. I enjoy reading your blog and wish I could cook like you..haha. Maybe one day!