Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pasta, Pasta Pasta!

My girls looooove pasta. They could probably eat it everyday and in every way. The great thing about pasta is that it is such a large genre. . . from the simple mac n cheese to spaghetti, fettucinne, tortellini, you get the idea. Today I was able to try a new and very simple pasta dish. This is kind of out of the norm for me because Robert is out of town, and I tend to cook less when he is gone. But I recently acquired this recipe from The Pampered Chef Season's Best cookbook and it looked super easy so I figured "what the heck". And it was actually very easy to make. Less than half an hour from beginning to end (which is quick by my standards) and the best part about it was that the girls loved it! Of course they did cause it was pasta right? Well I was concerned that Gabrielle wouldn't eat it because it had tomatoes in it. But she ate up her whole bowl. And when I commented that she must've been really hungry, she told me "No, it's just really yummy!" And I have to agree, I thought it was pretty yummy today. :-)

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Maria and Rodney said...

Okay, I must try this recipe!