Friday, March 6, 2009

My Princesses!

Robert's brother in Korea sent them some princess stuff! Nothing like a box full of dress up accessories to make two girls very happy!
I took the girls with me to the hair salon because Robert wasn't in town. I was a little concerned because my hairdresser doesn't take appointments and sometimes I am there for hours. This time we were there for 5! Amazingly enough, we made it through the whole time with no yelling and no tears. And while I had Gabrielle there, I figured I could get them to wash her hair (which certainly beats me doing it) and she got it blow dried too. She absolutely adores it. And she just keeps saying how much she loves her hair straight. She actually keeps saying now she really looks like a princess. I think it is time for Disney to make a princess with curly hair. In the meantime though, I will admit that it is very pretty (and long) and much easier to comb in the mornings, but I definately don't think she should get used to it. I've bought a hair dryer hoping that I may be able to blow dry her hair in the future, but I don't think Gabrielle should get her hopes up on it looking as good as it does now. I was very proud of this little do right here. It's a recreation of that hairstyle you could do back in the 90's with that little contraption you could buy off the t.v. Somebody help me out here because I cannot for the life of me remember what it's called.


Professor Dru said...

What a lot of hair for such a little one. It looks so beautiful!

Maria and Rodney said...

Is this Gabrielle real hair???